NAPAWF State of Safety Study

Pivotal NAPAWF survey collects national data on harassment, hate, and discrimination experienced by AAPI women.

A Lack of Data for a Vulnerable Group

AAPI women bear an enormous burden as victims of harassment, violent, and discrimination, but there is very little quantitative data on their experience. To remedy this lack of data, TAAF partnered with the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum (NAPAWF) to conduct a survey of over 2,400 AAPI women throughout the country.

The Burden of AAPI Women

The survey provides groundbreaking insight into the experience of AAPI women today, and the results are sobering: Nearly 75% of AAPI women report experiencing racism and discrimination over the past year, with the majority of incidents perpetrated by strangers. The survey investigates intersectional experiences as well: East Asians are more likely to report feeling less safe today than at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, while Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander women reported higher levels of sexual harassment. Overall, the survey paints a broad picture of the fear, uncertainty, and increased number of discriminatory incidents both in public areas and in familiar places such as schools and neighborhoods.

Critical Insights for a Safer Tomorrow

The results from the NAPAWF survey fill a critical gap in quantitative data about the experiences of AAPI women. With these results, elected officials and policymakers can better address the impact of anti-Asian hate and violence, with particular insight into the support needed by AAPI women.


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