The Asian American Foundation (TAAF) Statement of Support for the Nomination of Julie Su for Labor Secretary

Washington, D.C., February 28, 2023 – Following President Biden’s nomination of Julie Su for Labor Secretary, TAAF Chief Executive Officer Norman Chen issued the following statement in response:

“The Asian American Foundation congratulates Julie Su for her nomination to serve as Secretary of the Department of Labor. Julie has been a tireless advocate for labor and civil rights of historically underrepresented communities including people of color, women, the LGBTQ+ community, and immigrants and a lifelong champion for workers’ well-being including fair access to wages and skills training. Serving alongside Secretary Walsh, Julie has advanced policies to create a stronger, more inclusive, and resilient economy. We have no doubt that Julie Su  will continue her visionary leadership in her new role as Secretary. 

Ms. Su’s nomination as President Biden’s first AAPI Cabinet secretary is a historic moment for our communities. We thank President Biden for his continued leadership, vision, and commitment in building a Cabinet and Administration as diverse as the growing nation, workforce, and communities they represent.”

About TAAF

The Asian American Foundation (TAAF) is a convener, incubator, and funder committed to accelerating opportunity and prosperity for AAPI communities. TAAF supports advocates and organizations committed to AAPI causes so that together we can more effectively take action against hate and violence, and build the infrastructure needed to improve AAPI advocacy, power, and representation across American society. We were founded to solve for the longstanding lack of investment and resources provided to AAPI communities and we strive to be a catalyzing force for creating a permanent and irrevocable sense of belonging for the 23 million Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders living in the United States. For additional information about TAAF, please visit