TAAF Anti-Hate & Belonging

For our elders. For our neighbors.  
We end this cycle of hate to create belonging.

Our community deserves more than thoughts and prayers.
It’s time for all 23 million of us to be heard. 

The TAAF Anti-Hate National Network coordinates a diverse set of organizations working to combat anti-AAPI hate together. 

The solutions are already in our community.
Let’s show the rest of the nation how to step up with us.

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Launching now: TAAF Action Network

Communities know how to meet their needs best. We are launching a nationwide network of action centers, powered by TAAF, to amplify and interconnect these efforts. These centers work with partners on the ground in the most heavily impacted cities to efficiently route their needs to an even greater range of resources.

We're looking for more cities to join our effort so we can provide access for all AAPI communities across the United States.


Establish a Trauma Care Unit, a dedicated mental health unit providing emotional support, focused behavioral health interventions, and linkages to other assistance programs (e.g., medical care; food-, housing-, and legal-assistance) to survivors and their families.

Los Angeles

Create the LA Regional Emergency Response Plan, a detailed mapping of resources and victim’s support infrastructure in Los Angeles County, as well as case studies for future training and an emergency response guide that can be utilized throughout the United States.

New York

Protect the most vulnerable through safety ambassadors and upstander and safety trainings; linking communities to a wide range of robust and sustainable victim support services; and creating a wide network of safe zones throughout NYC.

TAAF Anti-Hate National Network

TAAF’s Anti-Hate National Network catapults our communities from a frame of responding to hate to a frame of creating belonging.

This is the first-of-its-kind multi-million dollar investment in our communities that will be both intersectional and intergenerational. TAAF is activating every aspect of the AAPI community: from addressing bullying in the K-12 school system to engaging interfaith leaders and journalists to protecting our elders. This type of coordinated effort has never been done before in our communities.

AAPI Action Centers

Communities know how to meet their needs best. To address anti-AAPI hate within the community, TAAF is piloting AAPI Action Centers led by on-the-ground organizations that will serve as hubs for addressing hate in each city. Click on CIty Briefs below to learn more about safety, prosperity, belonging, and contacts in each city.

Chicago AAPI Action Center
Establishing a citywide safety and victim recovery services network for local AAPI communities.

city brief

Oakland AAPI Action Center
Reimagining public safety through community level interventions and survivor support.

city brief

AAPI Emergency Relief Fund

GoFundMe Partnership

GoFundMe Partnership

When the murders in Atlanta and Indianapolis happened in Spring 2021, communities on the ground were suffering and a protection and response infrastructure had to be built on-the-spot. TAAF is focused on preparing our communities for when hate happens.
We want to make sure that survivors, their families, and their communities get the support they need, to heal, to recover, and to stay safe especially if there are long-term impacts and effects. 

TAAF is seeding $500,000 for the GoFundMe x TAAF AAPI Emergency Relief Fund and asking for support from the broader community and allies to also pitch in to help victims of anti-AAPI hate incidents.


Step up for your community.

Local leaders and organizations can view the TAAF Rapid Response Toolkit to jumpstart anti-hate work in your area.

Local leaders and organizations can view the TAAF Rapid Response Toolkit to jumpstart anti-hate work in your area.

We Commemorate.
We Commit.

Interfaith Youth Core's toolkit has resources to mobilize your own communities to build an Interfaith America.

Interfaith Youth Core's toolkit has resources to mobilize your own communities to build an Interfaith America.

What You Can Do Now


TAAF established its Anti-Hate & Belonging Initiative at our launch in May 2021 with the inaugural grants made to  provide resources to the leading national organizations addressing anti-Asian hate in all its forms.

TAAF has expanded its Anti-Hate & Belonging Initiative in creating the TAAF Anti-Hate National Network, which includes both national organizations and the pilot AAPI Action Centers in three cities. This builds on the work that is already being done by all of TAAF's Anti-Hate & Belonging grantees, creating and strengthening the connective tissue across these leading organizations to create a comprehensive response to addressing anti-Asian hate.

TAAF Anti-Hate National Network

Asian American Federation

TAAF Anti-Hate National Network

Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA)  

TAAF Anti-Hate National Network


TAAF Anti-Hate National Network

Act to Change

Inaugural Grantee

Asian Americans Advancing Justice - AAJC


Center for Pan Asian Community Center, Inc. (CPACS)

TAAF Anti-Hate National Network

Interfaith America

Inaugural Grantee

National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum (NAPAWF)

TAAF Anti-Hate National Network

National Asian Pacific American Bar Association (NAPABA)

TAAF Anti-Hate National Network

Philadelphia Praise Center (PPC)

TAAF Anti-Hate National Network

Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation (PCDC)

TAAF Anti-Hate National Network

RISE Together Fund

TAAF Anti-Hate National Network

Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund (SALDEF)

TAAF Anti-Hate National Network

The Sikh Coalition


Stand with Asian Americans

Inaugural Grantee

Stop AAPI Hate

Chicago AAPI Action Center

Chinese American Service League

Oakland AAPI Action Center

Asian Health Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Why anti-hate work?

As hate and violence targeted at AAPIs persists at alarming rates, TAAF is committed to keeping our communities safe now and in the future.

While anti-AAPI hate is not new, our communities are currently experiencing a wave of hate fueled by rhetoric that blames and scapegoats AAPIs for the COVID-19 pandemic. TAAF expects there to be more spikes in hate incidents as the battle to defeat the virus continues -- and so we are taking action. 

We refuse to sit idly as hate and violence continue to ravage our communities and so we are leading a comprehensive anti-hate initiative.

What is the purpose of TAAF’s Anti-Hate National Network?

TAAF is formalizing and stitching together a coalition of organizations into a coordinated ecosystem through our Anti-Hate National Network. We are maximizing the impact of our grantee organizations by investing in them with funding, connecting them with other organizations to share best practices, and streamlining standard elements for anti-hate work.

The Network intends to close a critical gap in support for our communities by bringing together disparate efforts and connecting local and national resources that empower AAPIs to combat hate. All of the work within our Network aims to catapult our communities from a state of being mired in responding to hate to a reality in which AAPIs feel a greater sense of belonging in this country.

There are a lot of GoFundMe’s for Asian American causes, why should I donate to this one?

The Asian American Foundation’s (“TAAF's”) AAPI Emergency Relief Fund is focused on providing fast, flexible support to individuals and their families who have been the subject of violent crime stemming from anti-AAPI sentiment. This fund is part of TAAF's Anti-Hate National Network, so it benefits from having the support of TAAF and the Network it is building which includes AAPI Action Centers or other local partner advocacy organizations (collectively “Action Centers”). Ultimately, survivors and their families will receive all funds donated through TAAF’s AAPI Emergency Relief Fund, either directly from GoFundMe.org grants or through Action Centers. The transaction fee charged to each donation on the GoFundMe Platform will be paid through a generous donation by TAAF, and all costs and expenses incurred by GoFundMe.org will be covered through a generous anonymous donation, so that 100% of every dollar donated will go to help the victims and/or their families, or to the Action Centers.

Who is allocating the funds that are raised?

GoFundMe.org is the benefiting organization for this fundraiser. It is a tax exempt public entity and all donations, to the extent permitted, are tax deductible. Working very closely with The Asian American Foundation (“TAAF”), GoFundMe.org will identify, vet and distribute grants to ensure that resources are delivered to victims of the violent crime, or their families, as quickly as possible.

What is The Asian American Foundation’s role in the AAPI Emergency Fund?

The Asian American Foundation (“TAAF”) is a convener, incubator and funder committed to accelerating opportunity and prosperity for Asian and Pacific Islander communities throughout the United States.  TAAF strives to be a catalyzing force for belonging for the 23 million people in the Asian Pacific Islander community.   TAAF is seeding its AAPI Emergency Relief Fund with $500,000, and proudly partnering with the GoFundMe Platform to help grow the fund from community donations and GoFundMe.org to help distribute the grants.  GoFundMe is the go-to expert for crowdsourced fundraising, and so TAAF wanted to work with GoFundMe to create a way for more people to support AAPI communities facing an onslaught of hate and violence.

Why should I donate now to the AAPI Emergency Fund?

This is about preparation. After violence occurs, many survivors and their families do not have the ability to set up a GoFundMe fundraiser in time for major life decisions for all those affected.  As such, TAAF created this Fund to provide a baseline of resources ready to support community needs. So that when a fundraiser is created, GoFundMe.org can quickly identify the beneficiary and make a grant to help them through difficult times.

How does TAAF’s AAPI Emergency Relief Fund differ from the AAPI Community Fund?

TAAF’s AAPI Emergency Relief Fund supports the survivors and families of violent crimes against Asian American and Pacific Islanders.  Grants will be delivered either directly to survivors and/or their families, or they will pass through one of TAAF’s AAPI Action Centers before going to survivors and/or their families.  In contrast, the AAPI Community Fund has the purpose of uplifting, empowering, and protecting the AAPI community more generally by giving to a wide variety of charities. These charities address urgent local issues as well as push to create systemic change. TAAF’s focus is more narrowly to support victims and their families.